Covered in Sauce

April 25, 2017 Covered in Sauce
As ever with our blogs the clue is in the title…
Sauce are very excited to announce a brand new partnership with another great company.
This time it’s our friends at Coverbox.
We have been working with the team at Coverbox for several months now and this week we were pleased to put all our hard work ‘live’ in the form of an all singing and dancing Quote and Buy solution.
This one interacts with the CDL Strata environment and has allowed Coverbox to bring their whole customer journey up to date and introduce a mobile responsive platform which will hopefully make it easier for their customers to transact.
This development introduced a whole new set of icon based questions and answers which we think make it so much easier for the end customer and follows the lead of the top price comparison sites.  As ever, the site can be accessed directly or via the many aggregators now in the market.
Coverbox were one of the original pioneers of Telematics Insurance and we believe they are now pioneers of market leading customer journeys!
So why not go and have a look and get a quotation whilst you are there.  Our latest work can be viewed directly at:
Coverbox Quote and Buy
If you want to follow suit and have a Quote and Buy solution that is covered in Sauce then please do get in touch.  Even if it’s just an excuse for a brew and a biscuit we are always happy to say ‘hello’ and share our experiences.  Give us a call.  We might just have a Sauce waiting for you.