Sauce gets Wise

November 11, 2016 Sauce gets Wise
It’s been another busy Summer here at Sauce HQ and instead of sitting in the sun, putting our feet up and relaxing, we took the decision to broaden our horizons further and try to become a little ‘wiser’.
As ever though it’s not what you probably think.  We haven’t had our heads in textbooks nor have we all signed up for an Open University course.  Instead we have been helping our friends at iGO4 to deliver an amazing new Quote and Buy website for their market leading Telematics brand – WiseDriving.
Not only have we weaved our usual magic and taken their existing site and made it so much better through enhancements such as mobile responsive performance and an enhanced customer journey, we have also worked with some other experts introduced to us by the team at iGO4 to help deliver a totally new look and feel to the WiseDriving brand.
We do hope you like the work as we are really proud of what we achieved and we hope you will agree that the finished site looks great.  Have a look at it and give it a go at
Since its launch the team at iGO4 are already starting to see benefits especially with a substantial increase in completed mobile sessions.  Given the continued increase in mobile use for insurance purchases this can only be a good thing and we hope we can help to drive WiseDriving to further successes.  We aren’t resting on our laurels though and already we are working in partnership to deliver a continuous development program to enhance and improve on the great foundations we have already laid.
This project was just the first of several we are looking forward to working on with iGO4 and we can’t wait to start the next.  It’s certainly made us a lot wiser and is helping Sauce go from strength to strength and cement our position of insurance experts in IT!
If you want to test just how wise we have become then please do get in touch and we would be happy to help you and share our expertise.  If you are a broker or insurer looking to have a market leading Quote and Buy solution like WiseDriving then please do just give us a call.  We have a Sauce waiting for you!