More Chefs to make the Sauce

October 31, 2016 More Chefs to make the Sauce
We know that there can be nothing more frustrating than ordering food and finding that the Sauce is missing.  Having to wait for it to arrive whilst everything else goes cold or melts really isn’t the way to impress!
We recognise this and that’s why we are determined to never disappoint our diners.  As we keep mentioning we just seem to be getting busier and busier and so we decided it was time to bring a new Chef in to the kitchen to help us deliver our Sauces as we grow.
We have therefore recruited a key new member to the team and they are already starting to deliver some amazing Sauces that we are all proud of.
Please step forward Mr David Haw.  David joins us as an all-rounder who can offer both front end design and back end programming.  Prior to joining Sauce David worked for an affiliate marketing organisation delivering front end websites that captured customers and directed them to where they needed to go!  He therefore has a strong understanding of SEO and PPC and we are looking to see how we can best utilise these skills to help our existing customers.  If you want to say hello to David you can contact him on
David has already had to endure sitting through our ‘What is insurance?’ induction and he is already coming up to speed with the many terms we just take for granted.  Gross Premium, MTA’s, Commission and IPT are already starting to be normal speak to him as we look to mold him in to another insurance expert developer!