Training for Sauce

September 23, 2016 Training for Sauce
Once again we have left it far too long and we really should put more effort in to keeping our Blog up to date.  A big part of our problem is that we just always seem to be too busy delivering new and exciting developments to our trusted clients.  So, like last time, we have allocated some time to sit down and write – so expect a number of new updates over the coming days and weeks!  We have lots to tell you all.
Reading the title of this Blog you may be thinking that the team here at Sauce have been busy attending training courses and seminars to further increase their knowledge of all things IT and insurance!  If only we had the time!  Instead the title refers to an exciting new solution we have developed and launched in partnership with leading Yorkshire based Commercial Broker, Packetts.
Trainsure is the brand used by Packetts to promote and sell insurance products to the UK Training industry and their Training community.  Bespoke policies available for the likes of Health and Safety Consultants, Music Teachers, Home Tutors and Corporate Trainers.  The team at Sauce have created and launched a fully mobile responsive Quote and Buy platform which morphs in to a customer policy fulfilment solution to allow customers to manage and renew their policies.
The system incorporates a full rating structure which has the flexibility to be changed and updated in real time.  It therefore needs no integration with software houses or 3rd party insurer systems and showcases how a truly standalone system can be provided for our clients.
So if you or anyone you know is looking for insurance like this then check out this Sauce at
Or if you are a broker or insurer looking to develop and use standalone solutions like the Trainsure model then please do just give us a call!  We have a Sauce waiting for you.