Sauce on the High Street

May 16, 2016 Sauce on the High Street
Sauce on the High Street
Everyone loves a trip to the High Street and the team here at Sauce are no different at all.  We’re all big fans of Mary Portas and all the work she has done over the years to promote the local High Street and make sure it thrives so we were really excited to work on this next project.
Working with some amazing designs and ideas from our friends at CAB Studios we have built another great site for the team at Big Central to support their new venture with Packetts Insurance Brokers.  Unlike the other work we have done for the Big Central guys, which to date has been very much ‘Connected Car’ based, this was the opportunity for us to showcase our web skills in the SME market.
As usual though the actual website is just part of the story.  Its what is underneath that really counts!  The site supports a complex database that allows the High Street team to capture marketing details and instigate some great automated customer communications.  It also allows our friends at Packetts to communicate with High Street business easily, ‘on brand’ and provides them with an easy online payment function – so really providing the best of both worlds – an offline quotation managed by insurance experts with the ease of purchasing online and all the benefits that brings.
Why not go and check out what we delivered at and see if you can find your business!
If you are looking for Sauces like this that could help your business grow, then get in touch.  We are always happy to meet and show why Made by Sauce is the right IT solutions business for insurers and brokers far and wide.