Sauce goes to the Top

May 16, 2016 Sauce goes to the Top
Sauce goes to the Top
Sometimes it’s the things in the background that you can’t see that make all the difference!
As we said its been a busy start to the year here at Sauce and sometimes we do some really complex work that actually gives us nothing to showcase at the end!  This piece of work has been one of those such times.  So on this occasion we can’t just give you a link to another of our market leading mobile responsive websites and instead we will just have to tell you all about one of our most successful developments to date.  This one has the potential to help our partners increase their ability to sell and adds even more value to the services we can offer here at Sauce.
To help our partners we have created web service functions that interact with the leading aggregator sites and allow them to market ‘hot leads’ (or as they are called in this business – Top-X leads) via SMS, E-mail and even Outbound Telephony if they so wish.  It’s all automated and seamless so it just happens.  It has full branding capabilities as you would expect so where we can create something good looking for the end customer then we do.  And as with all our creations we provide it with a little extra Sauce – a full MI reporting suite so even though you cant see much happening the numbers don’t lie!
It has already had a big impact on the sales of our partners that are using it and adds another great Sauce to the ones we already offer.
So if you would like to see something that you can’t actually see then get in touch and we will happily show you.  Its just one of these developments that simply ‘happens’!  Trust us though when we say that when it does ‘just happen’ it can actually make all the difference to your bottom line profit.