Sauce gets Sporty

May 13, 2016 Sauce gets Sporty
Sorry, sorry, sorry!  We have left it far too long and been really poor at keeping up to date with sharing all the latest news from Sauce!  New Years Resolutions and all that just went straight out of the window!
So despite how it may have looked we have actually been really busy.  Over the next few days we can get back on track and update you with all the new Sauces we have been involved with.  Hopefully you will be impressed.
The title of this blog is probably a little misleading and isn’t to do with any New Years resolutions we may have had about getting fit.  It is anything but and we certainly haven’t actually started getting active.  If anything we have gone backwards and our most dedicated athlete in the team has had to take time out due to injury.  Instead we focused our sporting efforts on the the launch of a new website for our friends at specialist broker All Sport Insurance.  All Sport Insurance are a fantastic company with a great approach for insurance for sports professionals, semi-professionals, clubs and sporting associations.
Asif who led the development of the site said ‘it was great to be able to work on a project with a number of famous names that I knew.  The glamorous world of professional sports was a big change to our usual world of insurance!’
The website has allowed All Sport to showcase their products and services and includes some cool features such as a Twitter feed, contact forms and, as you would expect from Sauce, it is fully mobile responsive and looks great on all the usual tablets and phones.  It also comes with a great CMS platform which means the team at All Sport can keep it updated on a regular basis.
Go and check out the work we did at
So if there any other brokers out there that want to follow the sporting pack then just drop us a note and let us show you what we could do to help move your business online.  You never know – it might help us be better at keeping our New Year resolutions!