Happy Birthday Made by Sauce

August 24, 2015 Happy Birthday Made by Sauce
Happy Birthday to us!  Made by Sauce are officially 7 years old and we have a 7 year itch!  To help us celebrate and to stop the itching we thought we would take the opportunity to don our ‘glad rags’ and make some significant changes.
New name and look but still the same great team
So, from 1st October 2015, we are changing our name.  We never really loved our last one that much anyway but it did us proud.  It didn’t say anything about who we are and what we really do, so after some careful consideration and lots of hard work we came up with something new and Made by Sauce was born.
We hope you like our new name and our new look.  It’s all about what we do.  We provided the Sauce to our Clients chips.  We deliver solutions that compliment their core businesses, adding value and the extra ‘wow’ factor. 
Since we started back in 2008 we have come a long way and to show just what we have achieved we decided to create our ‘significant milestones’ date map.  We hope you like it.  But the past is the past and it’s time to look to the future and here at Made by Sauce we are so excited by all the great clients we work with and the possibilities we can achieve working together.
So why not help us to celebrate?  Get in touch and chat to us about how we can help your business with our innovative solutions that are proven to reduce existing costs and deliver enhanced value.  Bring your ingredients and see if we can make you a Sauce that you love and help us celebrate our Birthday together.