Made by Sauce develop new Outbound Portal for IGO4 Advisors

February 23, 2015 Made by Sauce develop new Outbound Portal for IGO4 Advisors
Made by Sauce are pleased to announce the launch of a new and exciting development created specifically for their key strategic partner, IGO4.  The solution, a web based outbound advisor portal, has been created to allow IGO4 to efficiently and effectively manage their outbound operation.
Integrated with other third parties, the solution retrieves customer records available to market and allows the advisors to select these records and make an outbound call.  The solution has a number of key features that ensure the customers are contacted according to their propensity to purchase and only by advisors trained either on a specific product line or brand.  Real time MI is available to continuously monitor the effectiveness of the activity whilst advisors can diary contacts and arrange for call-backs to ensure hot leads are followed up as promised.
Mark Faraday, Founder and Director, said, ‘This was a great development for the team at Sauce and allowed us to once again showcase our skills in creating bespoke solutions for our partners.  Despite this being a significant piece of work we were happy to deliver this at no up front costs and licence the technology over a number of years as we were certain the benefits would be so significant’.